European Hyperloop Week 2024

15.07.2024 > 21.07.2024


Explore Zurich, one of Switzerland's largest cities and
a center for knowledge and Hyperloop innovation.


Immerse yourself in the enhanced transportation infrastructure at Zürich's main station, Zürich HB, renowned as one of the finest railway stations.


Switzerland embodies precision and dedication,
as exemplified by its watchmaking craftsmanship.

Leading the Way: Academic Excellence and Innovation Collide

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH Zürich), a world-class institution, is celebrated for its academic prowess and groundbreaking research in science and engineering. Recognized globally as a top university, ETH Zürich proudly serves as the main partner for EHW24.

This partnership underscores the university's commitment to advancing technology and knowledge, particularly in the field of energy harvesting. ETH Zurich's collaboration with EHW24 solidifies its position as a leader in fostering innovation and driving progress in key fields.

Welcome to the European Hyperloop Week 2024 in Zürich!


At Zürich 2024, watch over 26 student-led teams compete and collaborate to accelerate the field
of Hyperloop technology into functioning reality.

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