Making the future, our present!

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Monday – Sunday, July 19 – 25, 2021

About EHW

The EHW is much more than 3 initials. They represent a need that has been before our eyes for a long time and it is the moment to show it.

It is time for technology to reach people. The moment for collaboration between teams, between companies, between the entire world.

It’s time to show that Hyperloop is here, ready to be the fifth means of transport. That is why the EHW is an international event that will bring together the most competitive part of prototype construction, with the part of visibility and conferences.

Our main objectives are:
Bring together the best university teams
Create a Hyperloop ecosystem
Change the idea of Hyperloop to a more forward-looking approach
Challenge the teams to more ambitious goals

The EHW is formed by all of us. If you want to be part of the future, to be part of the innovation, welcome to our website.

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Making the future, our present. Making the place, our place.

We present to you this city as the one that will welcome us, our culture, our teams, our passion and dedication to this technology. We give you a first look at the place that will allow us to be closer to the future, our future. We give you a first look at our location.

Valencia, Spain.

Speakers at EHW Live: Webinar

At the beginning of February, we hosted a live webinar event about the development of Hyperloop featuring representatives of four of our sponsors. By clicking on the pictures below, you can find out more about the speakers.

Juan Vicén Balaguer
Juan Vicén Balaguer
Przemysław Pączek
Przemysław Pączek
Diana Zhou
Diana Zhou
Khawar Ashraf
Khawar Ashraf
Wouter Perry
Wouter Perry

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Hyperloop TT pod
HyperloopTT Interview

From design factors to the effect of a pandemic on the industry, HyperloopTT provided many insights, and we’re excited to present their answers to our questions.

Webinar Summary and Q&A

A summary of each talk from Zelros, Virgin Hyperloop, Nevomo, and AECOM, alongside answers to questions that were posed but not answered during the event.

EHW Live: Hyperloop Webinar

Stay tuned for EHW’s second live event! Let’s meet on Wednesday, the 3rd of February!

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