Welcome to the official European Hyperloop Week Teams section!

We are excited to meet all of the teams that will be joining this year’s event and cannot wait to see everyone’s fascinating designs.

The registrations for participating teams for the European Hyperloop Week 2021 event are now closed. We have reviewed the Intent to Showcase (ITS) and the Intent to Demonstrate (ITD) documents, and have given feedback to the registered teams. The next stage is the submission of the Final Showcase Documentation (FSD) and the Final Demonstration Documentation (FDD)  due on Sunday, 14 March 2021, 23:59 CET.

Teams at the current application stage

We have now completed the first stage of documentation review for EHW participants. The teams that have passed this stage are:

○ Ashwa Racing
○ Avishkar Hyperloop
○ Cooper Hyperloop
○ Delft Hyperloop
○ Duke Hyperloop

○ Hyperlink
○ Hyperloop CHF
○ Hyperloop IITB
○ Hyperloop Manchester
○ Hyperloop UPV
○ HyperXite

○ KTH Hyperloop
○ MIT Hyperloop III
○ mu-zero HYPERLOOP
○ OneLoop
○ Shift Hyperloop
○ Strathloop

○ Swissloop
○ University of Toronto Hyperloop Team
○ Vegapod Hyperloop
○ Warwick Hyperloop
○ Washington Hyperloop
○ Waterloop

Please keep in mind that passing the first stage of the process does not guarantee an active demonstration at EHW 2021 – that is subject to the passing of further documentation submissions, as detailed further below.

Well done to all the teams that passed the first stage and hope to see you in Valencia!


The European Hyperloop Week 2021 (EHW 2021) provides the opportunity to any student teams, start-ups, foundations, companies etc. to present their research, innovations and developments in the field of Hyperloop. The variety of the categories in the competition allows for a range of projects to be registered for participation in EHW – from prototypes, through conceptual designs of technical components, to full-scale Hyperloop implementation analysis. The awards will be given for the most innovative, efficient, and economical projects – those that are the most appropriate for the real introduction of Hyperloop, accelerating the development of the technology.

To be allowed to exhibit any systems, demonstrations or models at EHW 2021 teams must be registered for one of the two application categories (as detailed below) and successfully go through a multiple-stage application process. Applicants, who successfully proceed to exhibit at EHW 2021, will receive the opportunity to show their systems over the course of a week at Valencia. Additionally, applicants have the opportunity to compete in the Design Competition with one or multiple systems and win one of six different awards.

Please be aware that the provided description is only a brief outline of the EHW 2021 Rules & Regulations and is by no means complete. The detailed rulebook is provided after a successful registration.

Application categories

The technical and safety regulations for the EHW 2021 are specified according to each of two application categories. These are:


They represent two different levels of mandatory safety precautions which must be met.


The basic application category for the EHW 2021 is Showcase. It involves the sole presentation of a physical or virtual model of a system without operating it in any way. Thus, the system must be completely powerless and not contain any kind of stored energy. This reduces the necessary safety requirements to a minimum and makes for a simpler application process. 


The application category Demonstration allows the actual operation of a certain system at the EHW 2021. Consequently, the necessary safety precautions and the required effort for the application process are higher than those for the Showcase. The applicant must essentially prove that the system they want to apply for Demonstration is absolutely safe to operate. One of the core requirements for the system demonstration is the previous testing of the respective system. Only systems that have been tested thoroughly and in the exact same configuration as in the proposed demonstration at the EHW 2021 have the chance to be allowed for a demonstration.

Application process and deadlines

Depending on the application category, the application procedure and the deadlines to be met vary. The most important points of the application process are:

○ Every subsystem requires its own explicit application. This means that one applicant might register some systems for Demonstration and some for Showcase.

○ It is not necessary to register one system for both Showcase and Demonstration. An application for Demonstration implicitly includes an application for Showcase of the respective system as well.

○ Successfully passing the first stage of the application process for Demonstration implies acceptance for showcasing the system as well. If the application of a certain system for Demonstration should be rejected at any point after the first stage, the applicant is still allowed to showcase his system, provided that the requirements under Showcase can still be met.

○ Competing in the Design Competition requires a successful application of the corresponding system for either Demonstration or Showcase. On the other hand, it is not mandatory to compete in the Design Competition, if an applicant should be interested in only showcasing or demonstrating his system.

In order to apply a certain system for either Showcase or Demonstration, the following application processes must be followed. Details on the mentioned submissions of documentations are found in the EHW 2021 Rules & Regulations document.

Due dateActionWho
13 December 2020, 23:59 CETSubmission of Intent to ShowcaseApplicant
W/c 18th JanuaryApplicant receives the final acceptance or rejection for the applied ShowcaseEHW committee
14 March 2021, 23:59 CETSubmission of Final Showcase DocumentationApplicant
Mid of June 2021Submission of Safety InstructionApplicant
Before EHW 2021Further information concerning the event week provided to the exhibitorEHW committee
July 2021European Hyperloop Week
Due DateActionWho
13 December 2020, 23:59 CETSubmission of Intent to DemonstrateApplicant
W/c 18th JanuaryApplicant receives:Acceptance or rejection for Showcase
Notification if successfully qualified for the next step in the Demonstration Qualification
EHW committee
14 March 2021, 23:59 CETSubmission of Final Demonstration DocumentationApplicant
Spring 2021Applicant receives notification if successfully qualified for the next step in the Demonstration QualificationEHW committee
Mid of June 2021Submission of Testing and Safety DocumentationApplicant
Before EHW 2021Applicant receives notification if successfully qualified for Demonstration
Further information concerning the event week will be provided to the exhibitor
EHW committee
July 2021European Hyperloop Week

Design Competition & Awarding System

The Design Competition of EHW will give participants the opportunity to exhibit their Hyperloop prototypes, whether it be concept designs or functional subsystems. There are three main award categories:

○ The Subsystem Awards (split into Mechanical, Propulsion, Levitation and Electrical)
○ The Complete Pod Design Award
○ The Full-Scale Award

Participants will earn points towards each award through innovation, feasibility, technical evaluation and public appeal. In general, awards might be given for both showcasing or demonstrating the systems.

Next steps

Teams that have successfully passed the first round of documentation review now have until the end of Sunday the 14th of March to send their FSD and/or FDD. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!