This event serves to give a voice to every professional, worker and student who can provide information about anything and everything involved in Hyperloop transportation.

This section will be dedicated to giving you information about these speakers, who will make EHW a highly formative event.

Speakers at the European Hyperloop Week

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Alexander Gerfer

CTO at Würth Elektronik eiSos Group

Khawar Ashraf

Manager of Transit Planning & Engineering at AECOM Canada. His diverse international career brings experience working with many large-scale infrastructure projects.

Wouter Perry

Coherently with their ambition to be one of the globally leading infrastructure players, AECOM’s program manager Wouter aspires to share Hyperloop knowledge in the European region.

Juan Vicén Balaguer

Co-founder and CMO at Zeleros Hyperloop, a company leading Europe’s scalable hyperloop systems’ development and promoting zero direct emissions policy.

Przemysław Pączek

Nevomo’s CEO, master in economics and management with profound managerial experience in finance, sales, private banking, and land development.

Diana Zhou

Senior Director of Global Business Development on Virgin Hyperloop’s Projects team, Diana, leads strategic company initiatives related to project and regional opportunities.

Albert Schuster

Albert Schuster is the founder and CEO of MOJA Design, a mechanical engineer, architect and designer. His extensive professional experience ranges from the creation of innovative mobility concepts to the product development of industrially manufactured goods, all the way to the architecture of different types of buildings and structures.

Chris Bobko

Chris holds PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT and is the Head of Engineering at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. He oversees more than ten engineering teams designing, building, and testing full-scale prototypes of the HyperloopTT system.

Doré de Morsier

Description coming soon!