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EHW connects bright students with industry leaders and provides a space to discuss Hyperloop related ideas. The event also offers a place for companies to promote their innovative ideas and influence the Hyperloop network.

Support EHW on its mission to bring the Hyperloop world together in order to make Hyperloop the future of transportation.

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Our EHW’22 supporters

Platinum partners

voestalpine Track Solutions Netherlands B.V. (formerly known as Railpro) supports managers and contractors in the construction and maintenance of rail infrastructure with innovative track solutions. Safe, reliable, and sustainable rail infrastructure forms the centerpiece of their work. Always aiming to be One Step Ahead the company has engineered the longest track coating line in the world (up to 360 meters of coated rails) and worked on prestigious infrastructure projects both nationally and internationally. The company’s goal is to connect the world of rail through their expertise of track construction materials and logistical concepts.

The Delft Universtiy of Technology in the Netherlands (TU Delft) is one of the top univerisities for technology in Europe and the world. It was founded in 1842, which makes in the oldest & largest dutch university. Nowadays, it is composed of 8 faculties and has about 21.000 students.

Most of the 16 bachelor programmes are taught in Dutch while the masters programmes are taught in English. TU has three officially recognized research institutes: Research Institute for the Built Environment, International Research Centre for Telecommunications-transmission and Radar and Reactor Institute Delft and additionally a few smaller ones. Some of the projects being developed there include for example Nuna, a solar-powered race car and six times winner of the World Solar Challenge, or the Project MARCH, a student team bulding an exoskeleton for paraplegics and the for the first Dutch exoskeleton team at the Cybathlon.

Hardt Hyperloop aims to create a global hyperloop network and achieve net-zero by 2050. Hardt Hyperloop was founded in 2016 by students from a former winning team of Elon Musk’s hyperloop competition. With vehicles traveling autonomously and at atonishingly high speeds, Hardt Hyperloop targets to reduce tranport times and connect people all over the world.

In collaboration with partners, Hardt Hyperloop was able to open the first european hyperloop test facility in 2017 and is currently working on high-speed facility.

Hardt Hyperloop doesn’t believe in boundaries or limitations and trusts that hyperloop will be a clean alternative to short-haul flights in a near future. With a promise of a safe, affordable and comfortable journey, Hardt Hyperloop aims to revolutionise traveling.

Hyperloop Industry

EuroTube is a Switzerland-based foundation that focuses on R&D and the development of testing infrastructure in the vacuum transport field. Their foundation actively promotes and fosters the Hyperloop ecosystem in Switzerland and across Europe. EuroTube has already supported EHW in 2021 and they will continue their partnership with us for 2022.

Swisspod is a leading player in the Hyperloop technology market founded in 2019 by two multiple-awarded winners of the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition, Denis Tudor and Cyril Dénéréaz. Their vision entails providing sustainable high-speed solutions for transport, and Swisspod aims to make Hyperloop a reality by 2030, thus transforming the future of transportation.

In their journey to achieve this, Swisspod built the first infinitive trajectory Hyperloop testing facility in the world in July 2021 in Switzerland and continues working on building a full-scale Hyperloop system in the U.S.

Swisspod’s innovative technology will enable different application types for both freight and passenger transport. With this technological advancement, the company’s final goal is to create disruption to how the world is connected today and bring people together by making Hyperloop a reality and an affordable medium of transportation in the near future.

The Institute of Hyperloop Technology (IHT) was founded 2021 at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. IHT is focused on Hyperloop development and applications, both in fundamental and engineering sciences. Thus, the Institute aims to establish an international consortium to foster a Large-Scale Hyperloop Research and Technology Facility in Europe, operational at real life conditions. This joint effort of the private sector and academia in an open research network will accelerate the development of a standardized European Hyperloop ecosystem.

Zeleros is the Spanish company leading the development of a hyperloop system to move at 1000km/h and 0 direct emissions. Zeleros’ unique technologies integrated in the vehicle enable the implementation of scalable hyperloop routes, drastically reducing the cost/kilometer of infrastructure and operating at safer pressures. They are also applying advanced mobility solutions for the automation of ports and airports.

Co-founded in 2016 by graduates from UPV after being awarded at the SpaceX’s (Elon Musk) competition in USA, Zeleros mobilizes +180 people worldwide, working with renowned industrial players like Acciona, Capgemini-Engineering, Red Electrica de España or Renfe, to bring hyperloop to reality within a decade.

As advisors, planners, designers, engineers or consultants, the 50.000 employees of AECOM provide professional services at all stages of their client’s projects. Being headquartered in Dallas, AECOM is an american infrastructure consulting company. AECOM was created in 1990 as a merge of five entities and is now a Fortune 500 company.

With their technical expertise and innovative methods, AECOM is involved in many major projects world wide in various fields like urban planning, construction, cyber security or consulting, to name a few. As an example, AECOM is designing a new pier at Schiphol, Amsterdam’s airport, to increase its capacity.

Gold partners

Adolf Würth founded the Würth Group, of which Würth Elektronik is part of, in 1945. The Würth Group employs over 80.000 employees in more than 80 countries as one of the leading companies in assembly and fastening materials, screws and tooling.
With 23 production locations worldwide, Würth Elektronik is one of the most successful companies of the Würth Group.
Würth Elektronik operates internationally with its three company areas in various markets: electronic & electromechanical components, circuit boards, intelligent power and control systems.

In tech, the metaverse is on everyone’s lips nowadays. With its products, Tekle Holographics has the capability to bring the Metaverse into our real world!

3-dimensional visualizations usually require processing of large amounts of data and therefore often long processing times. Tekle Holographics have overcome this issue and are able to offer real immersive displays in full 3D and fast downloading times. Their products can be used across many different industries ranging construction and engineering to healthcare and entertainment.

Tekle Holographics’ products bring the advantage that it do not require wearing VR glasses or clumsy headsets. This way, Tekle Holographics enables you to still see your surroundings and your co-workers while discussing the visualization of your newest idea.

With a track of 7.000km and 1.4mio journeys per working day, ProRail connects people, cities and companies. ProRail is a goverment task organisation that is responsible for allocating rail capacity and traffic control. Founded in 2003, ProRail is headquartered in the Netherlands (Utrecht), from where it manages the maintenance, expansion, renewal and safety of the Dutch railway.

With over 4000 employees, ProRail consists of following infrastructure management organisations: Railinfrabeheer (Rail Infrastructure Management), Railned (railway capacity allocation) and Railverkeersleiding (traffic control ).

ProRail aims to keep constantly innovating to make travel even faster, more efficient and comfortable, to be able to increase passenger and freight transport by 30% by 2040 and to make the railway sector more sustainble, so that mobility do not stand in the way of a healthy environment.

Delft – our venue for EHW ‘22 – is located in the Province of South Holland. Zuid-Holland is a thriving economic region located around the city of Rotterdam. Zuid-Holland is striving to become Europe’s real-life testing ground for innovation – especially in the field of renewables and sustainability technology. It is therefore the perfect spot to host the world’s largest student conference on Hyperloop and sustainable transport!

Transport Company A.J. van den Hoogen & Zn. is a small family business with 20 employees. Within our organization we always strive to give our customers the best possible service. We do this by keeping the lines short and always thinking with the customer. Whether it concerns the transport of your shipment, the storage of your goods or the outsourcing of the entire logistic process: Van den Hoogen is your partner.

Due to the accumulated knowledge and experience of the past 90 years, Van den Hoogen is able to respond to any logistic issue. Thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of our people, we always achieve the desired end result together with the customer.

Silver partners

From public transportation design to phygital architecture installations, MOJA Design is a company focused on aesthetic design and technical development. Headquartered in Stuttgart, MOJA Design offers comprehensive design consultancy, in particular in their three areas of specialization: industrial and product design, communication design and architecture.

In close collaboration with their customers, MOJA Design develops aesthetic and timeless products. In the process they focus on technical and functional improvement, by integrating strategic guidance and innovation into each project. In the development of Hyperloop transportation, MOJA Design pays special attention to the connection between pod design and the architecture of the stations to ensure maximum comfort of the passengers and a most effective use of this next-generation transportation system.

Schiphol Group is the Dutch airport management company that runs the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, but also owns further airports in the Netherlands like the Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Founded in 1920, it now has over 2300 employees. The Schiphol Airport is the third most used airport by passengers and has the fourth highest volume of cargo in europe. In 2019 alone, 1.57mio of tons of freight and 71.1mio passengers flew through Schiphol Airport.

Furthermore, Schiphol Group partners up with international airports to gain experience to become more efficient, reliable and sustainable and better connect our world. Since march 2016, a new terminal at Schiphol Airport is under construction, which will be ready by 2030 and will have a capacity of 14mio passengers per year.

Strukton is a Dutch construction and rail company, specialized in projects combining rail and civil engineering. The 4.300 employees work in the areas of design, financing, management and maintenance of infrastructure and accomodation. Founded in 1920 and being formerly part of Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the company was then merged with a Danish construction company and renamed Strukton.

Strukton is organised into 6 operating companies: Strukton Power, Rail, Civiel, International, Integrale Projecten and Rail Short Line bv. Using advanced technology and years of expertise, Strukton aims to constribute to safe, accessible and sustainble infractructure for everyone.

Bronze partners

The Royal Netherlands Institute of Engineers (KIVI: Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs) has a long record of supporting engineers and engineering students with kickstarting and furthering their career since its foundation in 1847. KIVI works together with the tech industry, knowledge and research institutions, higher education, the government and foreign partners in order to organize activities such as conferences, workshops and competitions. This enables members to enhance their knowledge and expand their network in the engineering industry. Plus you can help solve societal challenges and learn more about profiling yourself and developing your career.

Erciyas is a diversified industrial conglomerate with presence in more than 60 countries, since 1989, developing solutions and products for pipeline, railway, power generation, micromobility products and transportation industry.

The largest company within the Holding, Erciyas Steel Pipe, is Europe’s leading large diameter oil & gas pipes mass producer by capacity. The conglomorate; also consists of region’s one of the biggest railway wagon manufacturing and maintenance company. It is steadily growing by innovative investments in renewable and clean energy companies and, Holland’s fastest growing micromobility company and e-bike supplier.

Erciyas, in contact with the major Hyperloop developing companies in the world since 2017, has carried out studies in Hyperloop system R&D, tracks, pipe design and production. In the beginning of 2022, Erciyas Steel Pipe, together with its partner, signed an agreement with HyperloopTT to become the tube supplier and investor.