The world moves with small initiatives that end up being big ideas. 

The car would never have been born without discovering the wheel, the plane would never have been born if we had not wanted to fly. 

And Hyperloop has already been born, not only in the minds of university students. It has been born in workshops and in companies, it has been born in institutions. And now it’s time to grow, to implement, to improve. 

Thank you for supporting this dream, it is time for you to see the results.

Our supporters

Zeleros is a European company based in Spain, leading the development of Hyperloop. Zeleros’ unique approach accelerates the path to market and reduces radically infrastructure costs by integrating the main technologies in the vehicle. Their system also operates at aviation pressure levels, using vastly proven safety systems for mass transport and simplifying certification processes.

Zeleros’ vision is to become the world’s most scalable Hyperloop system and is preparing the construction of a European Hyperloop development centre in Spain with a consortium of leading industry players, research institutions and investors. The centre will include a high-speed test-track and test-benches to demonstrate the efficiency of the system and will help to promote at international scale the creation of a regulatory and standards framework to ensure Hyperloop cross-border interoperability, becoming a global reference in ultra-high-speed mobility.

Nevomo (former Hyper Poland), is developing a technology that enables a quick, phased implementation of Hyperloop-inspired transportation technology within railways’ systems (using existing railway corridors and regulations). Nevomo’s technology, already in stage one, will enable the transportation of goods and people at double the average speed of a conventional railway. They can upgrade existing railway infrastructure to a speed of 550 kph (340 mph) at a very competitive cost.

Virgin Hyperloop, based in Los Angeles, CA, was founded back in 2014 as Hyperloop Technologies and since then have made huge progress towards the advancement of Hyperloop. They are conducting feasibility studies for Hyperloop systems around the world, with some specific projects already being in the making. Their most recent achievement, the first-ever passenger ride in a Hyperloop capsule, has sparked global interest in the technology.

Circuit Ricardo Tormo is a motorsport race track in Valencia where sections of our event will take place. The venue is regularly used as a test track for many teams and hosts various international events like the MotoGP Valencian Community Grand Prix or the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season opening.

AECOM are the world’s premier infrastructure firm, delivering professional services throughout the project lifecycle. They have been involved in many exciting innovative infrastructure projects around the world since 1990, including some recent projects on Hyperloop systems.

Founded in 2013, HyperloopTT has an established network of more than 800 highly skilled individuals across five continents. The company is actively engaged with governments around the world, working in pursuit of establishing a Hyperloop insurance framework and safety and certification guidelines. HyperloopTT is advancing towards the first commercial route, with both passenger and freight systems under development around the world, including a project in the Port of Hamburg on a cargo Hyperloop system for shipping containers.