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EHW Live: Hyperloop Webinar

Stay tuned for EHW’s second live event!


EHW is not just about one week in the summer of 2021.

EHW is about the development of the Hyperloop technology, about the collaboration between companies, students, and the public, about sharing knowledge. That’s why we would like to welcome everyone to EHW’s first Hyperloop webinar, happening next week on Wednesday the 3rd of February.

What will it be?

EHW’s first Hyperloop webinar will follow the journey of a Hyperloop system from creation to implementation, starting with incredible designs, to the practicalities of testing and introducing it in society. The event will feature our first official partners: Zeleros, Nevomo, Virgin Hyperloop, and AECOM. If you’d like to know more about our partners, head over to the Partners tab on our website. 

Lastly, it’s also important to note that the event will present important information for all participants of EHW, so make sure to be there!


The speakers for this event will be:

  • Juan Vicén Balaguer from Zeleros
  • Przemysław Pączek from Nevomo
  • Diana Zhou from Virgin Hyperloop
  • Wouter Perry and Khawar Ashraf from AECOM

More details about their background and their roles in the respective organizations can be found in our Speakers tab (Will follow).

Why are we doing this?

EHW stemmed from the collaboration between teams and from the ambition of people who see the future in Hyperloop. That passion is still our main motivation and is something that we hope will give shape to the development of Hyperloop technology in Europe and beyond in the near future. 

Through the webinar, we would like to illustrate the undertakings that should be valued in the pursuit of a worldwide Hyperloop system. We want to encourage the public to engage in the advancement of Hyperloop, inspire the student teams by giving opportunities to network and collaborate, and invite the industry to speak to the young, innovative minds of the future.

How to participate

The event will be livestreamed on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. A limited number of representatives from each team registered in the European Hyperloop Week competition will be also invited to the direct online call; unfortunately, we are unable to accept everyone into the call due to capacity limitations. But don’t worry! We will be monitoring the chat on the live streaming platforms at all times, so you will be able to engage with our panel of experts by asking questions there.

More information will be shared on the Facebook event in due course. If you have any questions, make sure to ask us anything on our social media, or via email!