Award Design Competition

Design Competition Trophy

Design the Complete Pod Award Trophy

With the European Hyperloop Week fast approaching it is time to plan for one of the most exciting parts of participating in a student competition – the awards! Although the categories of awards have been announced, the design of each individual award is still to be determined, and we want everyone to get a chance to participate in their creation.

So, we have decided to host an award design competition for the Complete Pod Award. Participation is open to everyone and participants will be competing individually (not as part of their team if they belong to one). Each participant can make up to two submissions and, since participation is individual, there is no limit to the number of submissions coming from each student team. 

Submissions should comply with the following guidance:

  1. The submitted design should not just be aesthetically pleasing, but also manufacturable. Manufacturing methods that are available include:
    • 3D Printing (NOT Metal 3D Printing)
    • Laser Cutting
    • CNC  
  2. The design should be representative of the Complete Pod Award
  3. The dimensions of the design should be scalable (ie when manufacturing, we should be able to make it smaller or larger than the participant may originally have had in mind)
  4. Participants should also provide a technical drawing along with their design.

The outcome of the competition will be announced on social media and the winner will also be acknowledged at the presentation of the awards during the event. The final decision on the winning submission will be made by the organising team. 

The submission deadline is the 22nd of June and submissions should be made through this form.

Although the competition only touches on the Complete Pod Award, we are happy to accept suggestions or designs for any other awards if you have ideas. This would, however, be a more informal setting and we cannot guarantee that your suggestions would make it into the final designs for the awards. For such suggestions feel free to email the organising team.

If you have any questions or comments about any part of the process or the design competition itself, let us know at