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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can we get in touch with you?

You can contact us through any of the social media platforms that we are present on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also email us at and check out our website for any information.

2. How do you expect to find the right balance between competition and collaboration?

We aim to find the right balance between innovation and the revealing of details. We definitely want to encourage the sharing of information but not to the extent where innovation takes a back seat, however this is something you’ll have to decide for yourselves as the designing teams.

3. What kind of members would the technical jury be composed of?

Industry event partners and academics who have been actively involved in the Hyperloop concept are members of the Technical Jury. You can find out more about the Technical Jury on our Partners tab.

4. Can we bring our sponsors to the event?

The aim is to bring the Hyperloop concept closer to the people and so it is absolutely fine to bring those who help you with your designs as visitors. If your sponsors would like to get engaged in the event more actively through speaking or exhibiting their products, they can get in touch directly with us to make that possible.

That being said, before you invite anyone to the event we would expect you to take the pandemic scenario into consideration. We hope to set restrictions on the number of attendees depending on the situation closer to the main event in July.

5. Is there any way an external team could collaborate with the event?

Participation in the event itself is in a way collaborating with the EHW. Participating in the EHW goes a long way to say that a team stands for the vision of the EHW: making the Hyperloop a reality. You could also actively share our posts on the various social media platforms that we are present on to show your support!

6. Is the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition laying the basis for any aspect of the EHW?

Definitely not. The structure of the EHW was planned independently from the SpaceX competition.

7. Can anyone attend the event?

Yes, we welcome everyone at the European Hyperloop Week. Members of the public will be able to register for the event soon via the link provided on our main page.

8. What’s make EHW different from SPACEX hyperloop pod competition?

The difference is that we want to provide a platform from research and achievements to be presented, rather than focusing on just the competitive aspect. The main difference, however, is what you make of it. We provide a platform, where you can exchange ideas, discuss results and network, whereas this aspect came short during the SpaceX competitions. In addition, EHW focuses more on sustainability, scalability and feasibility rather than speed as the main factor.

9. Is EHW open to public or only for Hyperloop professionals and team?

Everyone who is interested is welcome to attend the conferences and demonstrations. There will also be a public day that will be accessible to everyone

10. Will it be possible to watch the event frome home?

Like last year, all talks, discussions, student presentations and demonstrations for the public will be streamed and posted on Youtube.

11. What is the fee per participant?

Participants only pay for merchandise. There is no participation fee.

12. Would it be possible to switch from the demonstration to the showcase part of the event at a later stage?

We have currently planned that teams can register for demonstration and if at a later point in time they feel they can only make it for the showcase they are more than free to do so but must inform the organizers well in advance.

13. How many teams will get to test their pod on the track?

Whether a team can present their pod on the track primarily depends on the team convincing the technical jury that their pod meets the safety requirements set. Additionally, a certain cap would be set on the maximum number of pod tests in the event that the number of participants for the same are very high. Thus, it is possible that all those that apply for the run and pass the jury requirements will be able to test their pod on the track, but the specific number of runs is not established yet.

14. Where can one find the track dimensions?

On registering your team with the EHW you’ll be provided with all of the necessary information.

15. Is it possible to present the same system in both showcase and demonstration categories?

Yes, it is. An application of a system for demonstration implicitly includes showcase as well. This means that applicants who qualify to demonstrate a certain system will usually showcase the system first. Additionally, some points in the Design Competition can only be scored by either demonstrating or showcasing a system, thus in order to achieve maximum points both showcasing and demonstrating has to be done.

16. What are the various categories within the competition and how will they be awarded?

All information pertaining to the various categories in the competition, in terms of what each of them entail, how they will be judged (a rubric outlining the criteria) and other information like awards is given in the Rules and Regulations document.

17. Are there any restrictions on the type of subsystems that we develop (eg: Cold Gas Thruster for the Propulsion Subsystem)?

Definitely not, the intent is to be as innovative as possible. As long as you meet the safety requirements set by the event this is alright.

18. Will there be vacuum chamber testing?

There will be a vacuum tube for tests at the competition and it is already built! We hope to offer the possibility to perform vacuum tests but note that these will be static tests (i.e. no pod runs). More on this soon.

19. Are hyperloop tunneling teams allowed too?

EHW is for Hyperloop teams only. Hyperloop tunneling teams have their own competition. But of course everybody interested is welcome to attend as a visitor.

20. Do you provide accomodation for all participants?

We have provided the participating teams with recommendations with the hotels and hostels we are partnering with. Reservation is up to the teams themselves.