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Application process

Application categories

The technical and safety regulations for the EHW 2023 are specified according to each of two application categories. These are:

  • Showcase
  • Demonstration

They represent two different levels of mandatory safety precautions which must be met.


The basic application category for the EHW 2023 is Showcase. It involves the sole presentation of a physical or virtual model of a system without operating it in any way. Thus, the system must be completely powerless and not contain any kind of stored energy. This reduces the necessary safety requirements to a minimum and makes for a simpler application process. 


The application category Demonstration allows the actual operation of a certain system at the EHW 2023. Consequently, the necessary safety precautions and the required effort for the application process are higher than those for the Showcase. The applicant must essentially prove that the system they want to apply for Demonstration is absolutely safe to operate. One of the core requirements for the system demonstration is the previous testing of the respective system. Only systems that have been tested thoroughly and in the exact same configuration as in the proposed demonstration at the EHW 2023 have the chance to be allowed for a demonstration.

Application process

Depending on the application category, the application procedure and the deadlines to be met vary. The most important points of the application process are:

  • Every subsystem requires its own explicit application. This means that one applicant might register some systems for Demonstration and some for Showcase.
  • It is not necessary to register one system for both Showcase and Demonstration. An application for Demonstration implicitly includes an application for Showcase of the respective system as well.
  • Successfully passing the first stage of the application process for Demonstration implies acceptance for showcasing the system as well. If the application of a certain system for Demonstration should be rejected at any point after the first stage, the applicant is still allowed to showcase his system, provided that the requirements under Showcase can still be met.
  • Competing in the Design Competition requires a successful application of the corresponding system for either Demonstration or Showcase. On the other hand, it is not mandatory to compete in the Design Competition, if an applicant should be interested in only showcasing or demonstrating his system.

In order to apply a certain system for either Showcase or Demonstration, the application processes must be followed and deadlines must be met. Details on the mentioned submissions of documentations are found in the EHW 2023 Rules & Regulations document.